About us

Company name
Aoki bdg. 2-1-25, Nishi, Fujimino, Saitama, 356-0005, Japan
TEL. +81-49-256-6855
FAX. +81-49-256-6856
Second laboratory
Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Technical Research Institute 74&75,
1- 1-12, Hachiman-cho, Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo, 203-0042, Japan
May 1,2009

Engineering Technologies

Manufacturing Equipment Technologies
・Mechanical design technology
・Electrical/control/software technology
・Safety standards compliant design
・cooling technology for laser stability
Laser and Optic Tecnologies
・The handling of various types of laser oscillator
・Laser characteristics measurement
・Laser optical system design technology
・Built-in optical unit design technology
Laser Processing Tecnologies
・Laser processing database
・Laser processing optical equipment design technology
・High-speed machining using a galvanometer scanner
・High-precision machining using automatic stage